6.-7. December 2023
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SEM-SAFE® high-pressure water mist demonstration

Danfoss Fire Safety presents its innovative SEM-SAFE® solution for fire protection for a wide range of applications in commercial buildings, industry, and road & metro tunnels.

SEM-SAFE® is a high-pressure water mist fire protection system that uses micro droplets released through nozzles into protected areas. It comprises a modular pump unit, section valves, nozzles, press fittings and pipes. The system is safe, efficient, and uses an environmentally friendly technology.

Innovative nozzles

Our demonstration focuses on the performance of the SEM-SAFE® nozzles. The nozzles are precision-engineered devices designed to deliver water mist discharge at high-pressure in a way that ensures fire suppression, control, or extinguishment. The size of the water droplets is 10–50 microns. The nozzles comprise a compression type termination socket made of stainless steel for both 10-mm- and 12-mm-diameter pipes (depending on the nozzle type), a nozzle body, and in the case of automatic nozzles, a glass bulb.

The nozzles are designed based on two different methods:

  • The unique Danfoss simplex micro nozzle method, a Danfoss speciality for decades. Thanks to the special form of the simplex micro nozzles, the water gains strong rotary motion in the swirl chamber and is almost instantly transformed into a water mist that is sprayed onto the fire at high-pressure. The wide spray angle and the exclusive spray pattern of the Danfoss micro nozzles enable superior spacing. The droplets formed in the micro nozzle heads are shaped under a pressure of approx. 100 bar.
  • The patent method for drilling holes in the nozzles.  To enhance the process of turning water into mist, the holes drilled in the nozzles are partly conical and partly cylindrical. The positioning of the holes is designed to direct the water only towards the places where the fire is, this way minimizing water consumption. This method allows for larger spacing and superior distribution of the water droplets, resulting in improved control when putting out fires. Water is distributed through the drilled nozzle holes at a pressure of 60 bar.

Quality and reliability

Following a series of intensive fire tests as well as mechanical and materials tests, the nozzles are specially manufactured to deliver a high-pressure water mist. All tests are carried out by independent laboratories to meet and surpass the demands for land use and applications (i.e. VdS). In addition, tests have proven the efficacy of water mist in glass window cooling.

Wide range of applications

A complete nozzle range is available for local applications, public spaces, machinery spaces, turbine enclosures, data centres, parking garages, tunnels and side walls.

The intelligent use of water

The SEM-SAFE® water mist system is a unique fire fighting system. When water is forced through nozzles, at high-pressure, a super-fine mist is formed that has a two-fold extinguishing effect. As well as cooling the fire like a traditional sprinkler, it simultaneously starves the fire of oxygen like gas systems. When the mist comes into contact with flames, it evaporates and expands minimum 1,700 times. The dense vapour created displaces the flames and quickly extinguishes the fire.

Dedicated water mist pipes and fittings

The demonstration will use SEM-SAFE® pipe and fittings, which are made of are made of high-class stainless steel. The thin wall pipes are very durable and have successfully tested for high pressure. The pipes are available in an extensive assortment of sizes to fit all building types. Our portfolio of press fittings comes in a wide range of sizes for increased flexibility in installation. Having obtained certificates from a wide range of accredited institutions such as DNV, BV, LT, RINA ABS, TÜV, PED, and the Canadian Register, the safe and durable pressing technology offers a watertight seal.

Find the SEM-SAFE® demonstration in the exhibition hall 10.1, stand C-35

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