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The big reunion of fire protection professionals: VdS-FireSafety Cologne 2022 with record attendance

Live demonstrations and top-class expert lectures, lively exchange and thousands of trade fair and specialist conference visitors characterised the VdS-FireSafety Cologne 2022.

Cologne, 9 December 2022. The joy of seeing each other again for networking and knowledge exchange could be felt everywhere at the VdS-FireSafety Cologne 2022. More than 4,000 visitors from Germany and abroad - a new record - came to the Koelnmesse and visited the large trade fair with its attractions as well as the top-class specialist conferences in the adjoining halls.

Trade fair with product innovations and live demos

The large trade fair for preventive fire protection was a hive of activity on both days of the fair. For example, the demonstration of a low-pressure water mist system and the stand of the VdS-fire detection laboratory, where a new laboratory testing device for CO detectors was shown in action, were very popular.

Guided tours of the fair gave visitors a good overview of interesting innovations. One of the many topics represented was lithium batteries and their fire hazards.

VdS-FireSafetyTalk in attendance for the first time

A real crowd-puller was the VdS-FireSafetyTalk, which took place on the large stage in the fair for the first time as a presence event, so that this time the spectators could follow the live discussions at close quarters.

In two 90-minute talk rounds, experts represented different points of view on current industry topics. For both rounds, all 100 seats were fully occupied, and many more interested people followed the discussions standing up.

In the first panel discussion, the topic "Engineering thinking versus normative requirements in plant fire protection" was explored. This opens up an interesting field of tension: on the one hand, legal and normative requirements must be met in the planning and implementation of fire protection measures, and on the other hand, the special features of the object to be protected must be taken into account.

The second panel discussion, "Modern logistics as a challenge for fire protection", dealt with the increasingly larger, higher and denser warehouses that bring with them new risks and requirements. The talk explored the question of how the design of modern distribution centres can meet both the requirements of building regulations and those of operators and insurers.

Future Forum on Fire Protection and Exhibitor Forum

The Future Forum on Fire Protection and the Exhibitor Forum on the same stage also attracted many interested visitors. The diverse topics of the Future Forum included BIM (Building Information Modelling), AI (Artificial Intelligence) and cyber security for fire protection systems. In the exhibitor forum, selected exhibitors explained current developments from their companies and provided valuable background information.

Fully booked conferences

The eight top-class conferences, which were held in the halls adjacent to the exhibition hall, attracted a thousand participants per day. On 7 December the programme included the conferences "Fire Extinguishing Systems", "Voice Alarm Systems" and "Structural Fire Protection", on 8 December the compact seminar "Building and Fire Protection in NRW", the conferences "Smoke and Heat Exhaust Ventilation Systems" and "Fire Alarm Systems" as well as the impulse conference "Hydrant Systems". The fully booked "Advanced training seminar for fire protection officers" also took place on both days.

VdS-FireSafety Cologne 2023 on 6 and 7 December

Next year, the VdS-FireSafety Cologne will again be an important date for fire protection professionals. They will be held again at Koelnmesse on 6 and 7 December 2023.




International trade fair


At the only European trade fair with specific specialist conferences, the complete topic of preventive system, structural and organisational fire protection is presented. The fire protection industry uses the annual meeting to present its products and services.

Future Forum Fire Protection


What is currently changing in fire protection and which technologies are likely to play a role in the future? The "Future Forum Fire Protection" explores these questions. Here, expert speakers will provide insights into particularly innovative industry developments on both mornings. All trade fair visitors are invited to listen to the presentations of their choice, ask questions and discuss with the speakers.

Meeting place education and career


The meeting place education and career brings together providers of education and training and the high-calibre professional audience of the VdS-FireSafety Cologne. There are numerous opportunities for training providers and interested visitors to get in touch with each other.



Experience the second VdS-FireSafetyTalk live: Top-class experts discuss topics that are currently of particular concern to the fire protection industry - in 90-minute talk rounds on the stage of the Future Forum. Free of charge for all trade fair visitors!



The individual VdS specialist conferences are each intensively dedicated to one topic, so that a unique transfer of knowledge, focused on the desired type of system or structural fire protection, is ensured. The advanced training seminar for fire protection officers is specifically geared to the needs of fire protection officers.

Exhibitor Forum


Also freely accessible to all trade fair visitors is the exhibitor forum. Exhibitors present their products and solutions in 15- to 20-minute presentations. This opportunity is often used to present innovations to the general public for the first time.

Job board


Do you have vacancies or are you looking for a new job in fire protection? Then take advantage of the VdS-FireSafety Cologne job board: Current job advertisements are prominently presented at the job board in the exhibition hall and are also published on this website and in the exhibition catalogue.

Exhibition tour


Guided tours of the fair make it easy for you to gain an overview of interesting innovations. In particular, the exhibitors with impressive live demonstrations are included in the tours.

Impressions of the VdS-FireSafety Cologne 2022

Media partner of the VdS-FireSafety Cologne

Feedback on the VdS-FireSafety Cologne

René Schwertfeger

T & B electronic GmbH

„Die Organisation der VdS-BrandSchutzTage ist richtig gut und professionell – auch schon im Vorfeld, beim Messeaufbau. Besonders wichtig ist für uns die Qualität der Besucher: Durch die parallel zur Messe stattfindenden Fachtagungen sind hier die wirklich interessierten Zielgruppen vertreten, zum Beispiel BSB, Versicherungsmitarbeiter, Sachverständige und Gutachter. Und die Zahl der Besucher ist über die Jahre deutlich gestiegen, das freut uns natürlich auch. Es geht uns bei unserem Messeauftritt nicht so sehr um direkte Verkäufe, vielmehr erreichen wir damit einen sehr hohen Bekanntheitsgrad, und das ist sehr wertvoll.“

Alexander Stahl

Eurosprinkler AG

„Wir waren von Anfang an bei den VdS-BrandSchutzTagen vertreten, weil wir hier gute Resonanz erhalten und auf ein echtes Fachpublikum treffen.“

Mikko Reinikainen

Safera Oy, Finland

“We have been at VdS-FireSafety Cologne for the third time now. We make good contacts here, e.g. housing related customers, insurers and planners. It is also an opportunity to meet contacts from different countries – which is interesting for us, as we have customers from all over the world.”