Sprinkler Demonstration


With the support of the companies VID FireKill and CWS Fire Safety, we will give you a live demonstration of how a low-pressure water mist system works, including its spray pattern. Each demonstration lasts approx. 20 minutes.

demonstration times Wednesday, 7. Dezember 2022
10:15 am, 1:00 pm and 3:30 pm

demonstration times Thursday, 8. Dezember 2022
10:15 am und 1:00 pm

Low-pressure water mist system

VID Fire-Kill presents the low pressure water mist system with the open low pressure water mist nozzles LAK-7. The nozzle is pressurised by means of the low pressure water mist pump set model Helix SC/FFS, which is a completely assembled unit. Helix SC/FFS is an electric pumping station with one or more multistage single pumps.

The Helix SC/FFS system is controlled by a microcontroller, which is used to control and regulate booster sets with up to 4 single pumps. The pressure is measured with corresponding signal transmitters and controlled depending on the load. Each pump is equipped with an integrated frequency converter, whereby only the base-load pump takes over the speed control (in standard operation).

Depending on the load requirement, the regulated peak-load pumps are automatically switched on or off (in normal operation). In case of fire, the control unit performs safety functions based on a separate algorithm.

Low-pressure water mist stand-alone system

A fully assembled low-pressure standalone system is on display at the sprinkler demonstration. The FIREKILLTM Model SAS (Stand Alone System) consists of stainless steel cylinders prepared for fresh water, nitrogen cylinders, valves, flexible hoses, pressure regulators and more.