Conference of Experts in the Field of Fire Extinguishing Systems

4th December 2019

Cologne Exhibition Centre, Congress Centre East

Higher assets and new hazards in production, storage and special buildings as well as the demand for cost-effective solutions advance the development of new technologies. This also refers to fire extinguishing systems and customised fire protection concepts.

In this conference, experiences from fires, protection concepts for interesting applications and results from fire tests will be presented as well as current developments in technology, standardisation and in the use of water and foam extinguishing systems as well as oxygen reduction systems.

The conference will be held in German language.


  • Control of fire extinguishing systems
  • Containers containing flammable liquids - hazards, risks, protective measures
  • Design of sprinkler systems for the protection of flammable liquids
  • Installation of an ESFR system in accordance with current VdS CEA 4001 in an existing warehouse
  • The new MVV TB and its effects on fire extinguishing systems
  • New DGUV information "Extraction systems - conception, planning, realisation and operation"
  • Planning and Installation of Spark Extinguishing Systems: Amendments to VdS 2106
  • Recognition of new protection concepts and extinguishing techniques
  • Preventive fire protection in electrical equipment: Extinguishing fuses
  • Fire protection for stationary lithium-ion battery energy storage systems

Target groups:

  • Designers, manufacturers, installers and users of fire extinguishing systems
  • Fire and safety engineers, experts and fire officers in industry, administration and service providing companies
  • Fire departments and approval authorities
  • Loss prevention officers of the insurance industry
  • All parties dealing with matters of fire protection

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