International Conference of Experts in the Field of Fire Extinguishing Systems

4th/5th December 2018

Cologne Exhibition Centre, Congress Centre East

Higher assets and new hazards in production, storage and special buildings as well as the demand for cost-effective solutions advance the development of new technologies. This also refers to fire extinguishing systems and customised fire protection concepts.

In this conference, experiences from fires, protection concepts for interesting applications and results from fire tests will be presented as well as current developments in technology, standardisation and in the use of water and foam extinguishing systems as well as oxygen reduction systems.

This conference is suitable for further training of specialists according to the guidelines VdS 2132 and comprises 16 teaching units.

The conference will be held as an international conference (with simultaneous translation German-English).


  • Oxygen reduction systems in practice
  • Oxygen reduction systems – determination of riskspecific oxygen concentrations
  • A real case: efficiency problems with an existing sprinkler system due to a bad manufacturing of the pipework
  • Control matrix and test of intended interaction
  • Grenfell Tower: fire in high rise building in June 2017 – could a sprinkler system have prevented or significantly reduced the impact and growth of the fire?
  • Residential sprinklers in Norway – a success story
  • Major fire and reconstruction of a medium-sized sawmill
  • Planning and installation of water mist systems – an overview of the revised VdS 3188 and international water mist regulations
  • Water mist fire protection for the food industry: industrial oil cookers
  • Water mist protection of a clinical center in Austria
  • Current protection concepts for wood-based material presses
  • Spark extinguishing systems – preventive fire protection that pays for itself in seconds
  • Foam extinguishing agents – current developments, possibilities and limits
  • Possibilities of testing and approval of foams
  • Foam extinguishing systems according to VdS 2108

Target groups:

  • Designers, manufacturers, installers and users of fire extinguishing systems
  • Fire and safety engineers, experts and fire officers in industry, administration and service providing companies
  • Fire departments and approval authorities
  • Loss prevention officers of the insurance industry
  • All parties dealing with matters of fire protection

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