VdS Conference Fire Detection and Alarm Systems

5th December 2018

For the 28th time, the traditional VdS conference on fire alarm systems awaits you this year. As usual, experienced experts will provide you with the latest information on technology, functions and basic standards for these important fire protection systems. This year's topics include BMA installations in potentially explosive atmospheres or the control matrix and principle of operation testing. From the discussion about the decision of the Federal Cartel Office, we will examine DIN EN 50136 on alarm transmission systems, and the subject of remote alarms to the assisting body. This year there will again be a report from R&D, this time on the subject of investigation into the propagation of combustion gases.

The conference will be held in German language.


  • Steuermatrix und Wirk-Prinzip-Prüfung
  • DIN EN 50136 – Anforderungen an Alarmübertragungsanlagen
  • Fernalarm zur behördlich benannten hilfe­leistenden Stelle – Folgen der Liberalisierung
  • Brandmeldeanlagen in explosionsgefährdeten Bereichen
  • CE-Konformität mit Internetanschluss
  • Weiterentwicklung der Brandfrüherkennung
  • Neues aus Richtlinien und Normen

Target groups:

  • Manufacturers and installers of fire detection and alarm systems and fire extinguishing systems
  • Designers and users of fire detection and alarm systems
  • Fire and safety engineers, experts and fire officers in industry administration, authorities and service providing companies for loss prevention
  • Officers of the insurance industry
  • As well as for all parties dealing with matters of fire protection

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